Neighborhood Traffic Statistics

Addressing Speeding Complaints

A common issue police officers are faced with is complaints about speeding.

The Herculaneum Police Department uses TRAXPro analysis software to create
professional traffic reports. With these reports you can:

• Evaluate the need for enforcement

• Determine the best times to do enforcement

• View the data in a variety of time intervals, from hourly to daily to overall

• See daily totals as well as overall totals and volume statistics

• See speeds as they change throughout the day & determine specific times where and when enforcement is needed

• Show the number and percent of vehicles traveling over the enforcement limit

• Show the effectiveness of enforcement detail by comparing before and after results

• Produce a variety of graphs to show data in a number of formats

Once your data has been retrieved it can then be processed, allowing you to identify when enforcement is needed, and the best times for doing enforcement.

Using a Radar Recorder allows us to gather hard evidence of whether or not a problem exists. This data can be used to find where stepped up enforcement is really needed.

The Speed Enforcement Evaluator is a simple, one-page report that concisely displays whether or not a speeding problem exists, based on the percentage of enforceable violations.

What is an enforceable violation?

Depending on road/weather conditions, Herculaneum Officers routinely allow a reasonable tolerance. While anything over the posted speed limit is technically a violation, Officers will consider factors such as condition of the roadway, traffic and pedestrians present. Allowing this tolerance takes into account defective speedometers, tire wear, and other factors that could keep the driver from realizing that they are going faster than the speedometer shows.

In some cases, driving the posted speed limit or even less could be a violation if the speed is unreasonable for the existing conditions with regard to actual or potential hazards.

As speed studies are done, we will post the results on this page for public viewing.

If you would like to request a speed study for your street, please email and we will schedule one for you.

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