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Jefferson Regional Medical Center

Sexual Assault Response Team - SART

Emergency Department 636.933.1111

The Emergency Department offers multiple services to victims, such as: Patient Advocacy available 24/7 by a trained S.A.R.T member.

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (S.A.N.E.)

  • A Comprehensive Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (S.A.F.E.)

  • Emotional Support before, during and after the exam

  • Follow-up primary care referrals

  • Safe Housing Options

  • Community resources for support groups, legal advocacy and counseling


MOVANS will tell you if an offender is in jail and will give you other important custody
information. MOVANS will also let you leave a phone number where you want to be called
automatically when that offender is released, transferred, or has a change in court date.


1. Call 1-866-5-MOVANS from a touch-tone phone and follow the directions.

2. If the offender is in jail or has a court case pending, you can leave your phone number to be
called when they are released or when a scheduled court event occurs. Enter the phone
number where you want to be reached, including area code, followed by the pound (#) key.

3. When MOVANS asks, make up and enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)
that will be easy for you to remember. MOVANS will ask for the PIN when it calls you.

4. When MOVANS calls, listen to the message, then enter your PIN when asked. Entering the
PIN lets MOVANS know that you got the call, and will stop the service from calling you

The Missouri Statewide service includes offenders in county jails and Missouri Department of
Corrections facilities, and court event notification.

DO NOT depend only on MOVANS or any other single program for your protections. Make
MOVANS part of your safety plan.

Custody status notification includes release, escape and transfer.

Callers may also choose to register to receive an automated call about upcoming court dates.
The offender will not know you are registered with MOVANS.

Call 1-866-5-MOVANS
National Victim Automated Notification System

Register for the Missouri No Call List

There are currently over 2.7 million Missouri phone lines registered on the No Call list.

The No Call law allows Missourians to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls made to their homes by signing up for the No Call list, which is managed by the Attorney General's Office. There is no cost to get on the list.

Signing up is simple and can be accomplished by clicking the "No Call" logo or by calling 1-866-662-2551


No Call logo

Missouri Attorney General Identity Theft Site

MOAG Identity Theft Web Page

The Attorney General’s Office has set up a hotline to help you recognize and report identity theft. Complaint investigators also will help advise victims of identity theft.

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